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After Your Rental - Submit a Claim or Complaint


If you`ve had an accident or you wish to make a complaint, please use this form below

Your details

9/27/2020 ]

Refund Details

So that we can process your claim within 30 days, we’ll need to have some additional documentation. You can upload scans, pictures or screenshots of these below. Please note, individual files should not exceed 25mb in size. Good to know: You can upload multiple documents using a .zip file

Please attach any statements of charges here (e.g. a credit card bill, or the local suppliers invoice)
Please attach a copy of the rental agreement you signed at pickup here
Please attach damage reports here
Please attach any other relevant documentation you may have here

After you have submitted your case, we will send you an email with your case number. There’s no need to call us – we will contact you regularly to update you on progress, and request any further info. If we have all the documentation we need, we will process your case within 30 days

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